Your Florida Liquor License is Worth More Than Ever!

It's understandable if you've been holding off on selling your Florida quota license. However, recent developments have made this the perfect time to put yours up for sale, especially if your business still hasn't picked back up to pre-pandemic levels. 

Landmark Legislation

In late April, the state legislature sent a bill to Governor Ron DeSantis' office authorizing restaurants to sell and deliver to-go alcoholic drinks. We've previously reported on the various pieces of legislation submitted this session and noted that Gov. DeSantis signed the legislation into law last month.

While that's obviously a good sign, the law doesn't take effect immediately. Plus, there are regulations in the legislation that need consideration as well. It's going to require some planning and preparation to adopt this into practice.

New Quotas Are Coming

It's also very likely that by the time the legislation becomes the law of the land, the 2020 census numbers will have resulted in new quotas being established for the annual lottery. It's expected that the number of new quota licenses will increase statewide to reflect our ever-growing population.

If today's eager buyers can't find the license they want now, they may decide to hold off on buying enter the annual lottery once the new quotas are announced. That would lead to your license's current value being reduced due to lowered demand.

Prices Keep Skyrocketing

As we've noted before, the current high demand and low inventory are causing Florida quota license values to continue rising. Here are examples of what your license could be worth as much as, depending on your county:

  • Orange $500,000
  • Pinellas $450,000
  • Manatee $450,000 
  • Sarasota $365,000
  • Lake $350,000
  • Palm Beach $265,000
  • Broward $240,000
  • Dade $225,000
  • Pasco $225,000
  • Hillsborough $175,000

We Handle Everything for You

When you work with us, we take care of all of the paperwork for you. Our clients are looking for your license, and our experience helps us shave weeks off of the typical bureaucratic red tape involved in selling your license. No matter what type of license you own, it's well worth your time to call us and get an honest assessment of its value. We look forward to speaking with you soon!

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