Using a Broker Saves You Time and Helps You Avoid Needless Bureaucratic Headaches

Recently, Halsey Beshears, Secretary of the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR), announced that the department was operating with network limitations as part of an overall effort to ensure that their information technology assets are safe and secure. 

In a nutshell, this action was taken because the department discovered malicious activity on state-owned tech assets in early October. While immediate action was taken to identify and contain the activity, and no data was compromised, this did lead to the department’s online services experiencing outages over a 17 day period. Even now, there are still system limitations in place that are causing delays when it comes to some services and processes that are performed by department staff.

You’re Probably Wondering What This Has to Do with You

That’s natural. Consider the impact this delay, and the ongoing limitations, have on your ability to either buy, upgrade, or sell the liquor license your business needs. That certainly changes your perspective, right? An already time-consuming and stressful process is now extended, with nobody helping you navigate the way through the red tape.

That’s Why We’re Here

At Liquor License FL, we have more than 30 years of combined experience in dealing with state regulations, paperwork, and hassles. Our goal is to help you with your needs, freeing you from having to deal with these complications. After all, you’ve already survived one of the most difficult years in the past century; the last thing you need now is to get bogged down with trying to get your license finalized during governmental system outages and limitations.

We Let You Focus on What’s Important: Your Business

You didn’t open your bar, restaurant, or liquor store with the intention of dealing with bureaucratic problems. Put our expert team to work and discover how easy, quick, and stress-free the licensing process can be when you have professionals handling things for you. Contact us at your convenience and discover the simple solution to alcoholic beverage licensing.

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