State Rep Serves Up Revenue-Enhancing Bill

Recently, Representative Toby Overdorf of Palm City sponsored new legislation that permits to-go sales of mixed drinks and frozen cocktails containing alcohol for bars and restaurants that hold a liquor license.

Before the COVID-19 outbreak, state rules prohibited establishments from selling mixed drinks and frozen cocktails in to-go containers. After the pandemic struck, the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation teamed with Governor Ron DeSantis to revise the rules.

However, this easing of regulations is not a permanent change, with the temporary allowance scheduled to expire once Florida’s COVID-19 state of emergency ends. HB 449, Rep. Overdorf’s bill, will change that and offer bars and restaurants even more income opportunities.

New Legislation Looks Likely

The to-go drinks will still need to be sealed, and local rules governing drinking in public and open container laws will still apply.

While Rep. Overdorf’s bill doesn’t currently have a companion bill in the state Senate, similar legislation has been offered. Senator Jennifer Bradley supports a bill that allows mixed drinks to be delivered, provided that the drinks are included in a food order. Representative Josie Tomkow and Senator Jeff Brandes have presented similar legislation.

It appears clear to us that some form of a bill allowing alcohol to-go sales is likely to emerge from this year’s session, with Governor DeSantis already on record as supporting a change in state law. When discussing the temporary change in September 2020, DeSantis stated, “I’m for it being permanent, and I think that you’ll probably get a pretty good reception in the Legislature.” It appears Representatives and Senators heard his message.

Now’s the Time to Upgrade Your License

If you currently hold a beer and wine license, this news should have you on the search for a liquor license for your bar or restaurant. Not only will you be able to enjoy an immediate increase in sales while pandemic-related restrictions are in effect, but you’ll also enjoy steady sales as constraints get lifted and people start getting out and about more.

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