Governor DeSantis Rules Out Future Lockdowns

At a recent press conference in Orlando, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced that the state would not be imposing any further restrictions or mandates due to the coronavirus pandemic, going so far as to specifically state that there would be “no lockdowns, no fines…nobody’s losing their livelihood or their business.”

While this has to be seen as welcome news to a restaurant and bar industry battered by months of enforced closures and ever-evolving limitations, this doesn’t mean it’s safe to relax and assume things are returning to normal – at least not any time soon.

What About Restrictions?

Notably, the governor’s comments didn’t address any of the various restrictions under which hospitality businesses have already had to operate. Simply ruling out imposing further restrictions, including the drastic action of a complete lockdown, doesn’t eliminate the possibility of returning to the capacity limitations imposed under previous Phases.

One other thing Governor DeSantis did not address: the possibility of local municipalities enforcing their own, far more onerous, regulations on bars and restaurants. While we can certainly hope that the state’s policies take precedence, that possibility leaves an air of uncertainty for operators trying to do the right thing for their customers, their staff, and their business.

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