Breaking News! Governor DeSantis Signs To-Go Sales Bill Into Law!

Earlier today, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed into law a bill that makes permanent his popular COVID-19 emergency order that allowed restaurants to sell alcoholic drinks with take-home meals.

As we've been noting for months, the Legislature had several similar bills that all permitted permanent to-go drink sales. Once the two chambers agreed on a bill's terms, it was expected that the governor would quickly sign it into law.

What the Law Allows

This to-go option, which officially becomes law on July 1, 2021, is available for restaurants that have special alcoholic-beverage licenses and get at least 51 percent of revenues from food and non-alcoholic beverage sales. For restaurants with a regular "quota" license, food and non-alcoholic drinks must account for at least 60 percent of sales in order for them to offer to-go drinks.

The to-go beverages must be placed in secure containers and placed in locked compartments, behind the last row of upright seats, or in the vehicle's trunk. Restaurants cannot include alcoholic drinks in orders that are delivered by people under the age of 21.

During a news conference at a restaurant in Ormond Beach, DeSantis stated, "It’s probably the most difficult year that the restaurant industry has had to face, certainly in recent times. And yet, you look at Florida, not that it was a piece of cake, but now this industry is really thriving in Florida. We have people that will move to Florida and start new restaurants because they know they have an environment that they can do very well."

Now is the Time to Act!

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